Thursday, July 1, 2010

Happy Canada Day!!!

So here we are, another beautiful, wet glorious day in our beloved country, Canada.  Yes, it may be a little soggy, but I don't mind, I love this land I live in!  We are so fortunate.  Sure, we have some pitfalls, like the icky new HST, for one, but don't let that bring you down.

I decided to make a sweet treat for my kids on Canada Day.  Just waiting for the sunshine to appear, but even if it does not, they won't care.  It certainly won't stop them from enjoying these:

I chopped up mini peanut butter cups and malted milk balls (not pictured) and mixed them into the ice cream.

...then filled the waffle cones half full with the candied ice cream, and added a big dollop of fudge sauce...mmm, yummy fudge sauce...

...and finally made a homemade chocolaty sauce which I dipped the cones into.  When they're set, the chocolate is hard and crunchy!

So here's hoping the Canada will have the sun shine down at least later this afternoon!  Have a wonderful day everyone, and celebrate safely!

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Anonymous said...

you seriously made those? Put me on the "to call" list next time you make those babies. They look divine!