Thursday, February 25, 2010

Ink-A-Holics Annonymous... the official name of our club!!  Yay, I'm so glad we finally have a name!!  And ain't it the truth - do you consider yourself an addict to paper crafting of some description or another?!  Here's how you know if you're a scrap addict:

1. Seriously, you DON'T need any more paper, but it's sooooo pretty/cute/stunning...
2. You're so glad you bought all that new stuff.  Now you can go home, organize it, look at it, re-organize it...but don't you dare make a project out of it - that may ruin it!
3. You have more stickers than your kids/grandkids/kids you babysit.
4. You think Kraft Dinner, or maybe even popcorn, is nutritious enough for the kids'/husband's/your own dinner.  Who has time to make dinner - you've got to re-organize your stash incase you may want to find something one day!  Just for the purpose of showing it off though...
5. You make your family/friends pose for those "candid" shots.

So I think Ink-A-Holics Annonymous is very fitting!  Thanks to all who submitted a name, and to everyone who exercised their right to vote!!  By the way, the creative brain that thought up this title belongs to Christine!  Yay Chris!  I'll have your prize for you at the next I.A meeting!!

Next up, I owe an apology to Lujza.  Due to some switching around of Hostess Months, I got mixed up.  Technically, it should have been Lujza's month this past time around, as she was originally slated for February and was not involved in the swapping of months.  And yet she ever so gracefully accepted my mistake and did not make me feel bad about it.  I do feel bad about it, but she didn't make me feel worse - thanks Lujza!  To make up for my mistake, I'l have a little extra something for you when our order comes in, Lujza.  Thanks again.

Speaking of which, here is the order in which we are Hostessing:

January - Mary Lou  Complete
February - Erica   Complete
March - Lujza
April - Rosemarie
May - Laura
June - Karen
July - Lori
August - Christina
September - Christine

The months were assigned on a first come, first serve basis.  If you are wanting to switch, please contact the person you want to switch with.  If you both agree, then just let me know, I'll confirm it with the other person involved and we'll go ahead from there.  This should cut out any further confusion.  Thanks for you understanding with this.

Last, I just wanted to thank you for you continued patience.  February has been a very hectic month, personally.  I'm currently working on two classes, a canvas and an Olympic mini album, both of which I'm very excited about!!  Pictures will be posted the moment I have the projects complete.  There was also some interest expressed in having a couple kids classes during Spring Break.  This is also in the works, though its currently last in line.  But if I get off this computer and start working on projects, it'll quickly move up the scale!  So off I go!  Have a great rest of the week everyone!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Despite the rumours...

...I haven't fallen off the face of the earth!!  I'm sorry, I know I haven't posted anything new in a couple of weeks, as many have reminded me!  Boy, it sure makes me happy to know there are some of you out there who care to check my blog on a regular basis!!!  Anyways, fear not, I'm currently working on some projects for March, and hope to have pictures and descriptions posted early next week.  So I'm keeping this short so I can get back to creating!!  Thanks again so much for your interest and support, and you'll be hearing from me again very soon!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

So here's what's been filling my time this week...

Career Day - I've heard of it lots, but never experienced it. My Dad never came to my school to tell everyone what he did for a living. Sure, I did a report on him and his job, but he wasn't on the hook for anything! Well, times have changed, for me, anyways! On Monday, I'm scheduled to give a presentation (in English, thank goodness!) to Dawson's class and the other Grade One class, on what I do for a living, what tools I use in my job, and what technology I use. So I thought I'd take my tool bag and show them the cool, and ordinary, tools I use. Then I thought I'd take my Cricut. I'll demo it, but I wanted to give each child something to take home with them, something that I've made with the Cricut. So lots of sticky fingers and late nights later, here are my 15 Mickey and 30 Minnie Bookmarks, just in time for the start of the Read-A-Thon! Wish me luck - its amazing how intimidated you can be by a room full of six year olds!!!